Jefferson City High School – Going back after 2 years!

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a trip back to Jefferson City High School to teach the journalism staff members how to best use their newly purchased photography equipment. For me it was a great honor to be asked back into the classes that taught me the most during my high school years. Bill Currie, the high school journalism adviser, is the one who invited me back and welcomed me in, allowing me to share anything and everything I could to the students about how to use their equipment. I also had the opportunity to share some insights into the college world and I took that chance to tell the students all the “I wish I knew then, what I know now” advice that I could think of.

My audience was completely receptive, and they made it a great day. I have invited all those students to visit my site and blog and to contact me if they ache to get closer to the world of photography as I did at that age. I have yet to receive any contact, but I remember seeing many speakers offer the same availability, and I never acted on the offer to communicate further, so we will see how ambitious these students are.

It was odd to go back and feel so old in a room I basically lived in only two years ago, but it felt great to be able to bring my knowledge back. I am personally very proud of the heights that the student newspaper has come to and I hope to see it push past the current standard and continue to raise the bar of success as it has over the past years. The paper couldn’t ask for a better adviser and the students (although most will not realize it until after graduation, and some may never realize it) are lucky to have the opportunity to produce such a respected publication under an adviser as knowledgeable and caring as Bill Currie.

This was an exciting adventure for me, and as such I wanted to share it will all of you.

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