Imaging USA

This January I had the opportunity to visit the largest Professional Photographers of America (PPA) conference in Tampa, Florida… Imaging USA. While the trip was partly about the opportunity to travel to beautiful Tampa with fellow photography students, obviously the trip’s most important value was in the opportunity it gave me to be immersed in a world completely focused on my passion with over 8,000 other passionate photographers.

At the conference, I had the opportunity to visit with hundreds of photographers, attend dozens of sessions, and spend a week where nothing mattered but photography. At Imaging, photographers from around the country share their latest trends, sales secrets and general interests. I was introduced to the work of JB and DeEtte Sallee, Yervant, Howard Schatz, Kevin Kubota and many more amazing image-makers from around the world. I also had the chance to have my work reviewed and critiqued by a handful of these professionals, and all I will say is that the general opinion was quite positive.

The whole experience confirmed the fact that photography is my passion and a successful, customer focused studio is definitely in my future. Photography is my dream and Imaging USA was my dreamland, my Disney World.

Keep your eyes open for links to photographers I met in Tampa. They shared with me, and I plan to share with you.


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