Sarah Jane Photography – Busy Schedule

Hello Everyone!

I’m posting just to let you all know I’m still alive. 🙂 While I use this blog to keep clients, friend, and other interested viewers informed of my latest endevors, for the past few weeks life’s busy schedule has not included any time for blogging. And now that I have found a moment of time to blog, I am not at my home computer so am without any recent work to show you.

The good news is that my busy schedule has been full of photographic adventures (some more exciting than others). All of which I plan to share with you in the near (hopefully very near) future. Just as a preview, here are some of the projects I have been busy with lately, each of which you will see in more detail soon.

Over spring break, I went back to work a couple days for Arkansas Valley Feathers/Zucker Feather Products to shoot some new and interesting products. Unfortunately, Brooke, our model, was unable to fly in that week so I will be returning again in April to shoot their newest clothing items.

Back at UCM, I had one of my most fun photo projects yet: A SWIMSUIT CALENDAR!!! While taking the images was a blast, and the beautiful girls made my getting great images very easy, the most fun has come in putting the calendar together. This project was started by a friend of mine in order raise money for her roommate. I took on the project, not for a monetary gain, but to help the girls and because it offered me a challenge, and I have had more fun doing it than any other project this year. This great calendar will be available soon, and I’m sure the girls would be more than willing to send it to any interested customers.

 I have also been preparing for the UCM Photo Society Expo Print Competition in the past few weeks, and once it is over I plan to post the winners, and post the image I entered as well (hopefully some of which we also be winners). 🙂

 My upcoming projects include; a photo shoot for a UCM aviation student (with his plane!!) and tons more racing photography as the season opens up at Lasoski Speedway in Warrensburg.

 Please keep checking back, I am still around and hope to be posting more soon!!


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