Undergrads 2008-09 Swimsuit Calendar

As I said, this semester has been full of interesting photography opportunities, with the most exciting being a swimsuit calendar for a bunch of great girls. To raise money to help save a friend from having to move out, Megan (a friend of mine from work and also Ms. December) worked with all these girls and my self to organize photo shoot and to ultimately put together the best swimsuit calendar this state has ever seen. 🙂

Below is a taste of what you will find behind the cover of this calendar, but if this just isn’t enough…check out my online store where you can purchase your own Undergrads Calender for $20. All the money goes to keeping one of these girls in her current home by covering her expenses.

To help these great girls by purchasing your own calendar please place your order here.




2 thoughts on “Undergrads 2008-09 Swimsuit Calendar

  1. Sarah! You are amazing! Duplexworth just showed me this link you added to your site 🙂 I LOVE it. You are so sweet! Let me know how your summer job hunt goes, I’m sure you will get a job in your field. See you soon at work!

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