Mid-America Speedway Nationals Comes to Lasoski Speedway

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This weekend the Mid-America Speedway Nationals brought some great go-kart racing to our own Lasoski Speedway in Warrensburg! Saturday was a beautiful day to race and photograph! The hot news from the day includes the spectacular showing from two young LADIES out of North Carolina. There was a resounding “Did you see that GIRL? She is fast!!!” from crowds of Mid-America racers who are not accustomed to seeing many ladies on the tracks. (One of these ladies is seen below sitting on the pole for the feature race in her fittingly marked “Hammer Time” kart)

Wendell Shorthose also had a great day, picking up the fast lap time of the day (and unofficially in track history) with a “blazingly” fast lap time of 10.127 second lap during his qualifying race in his Killam Racing Engines powered Icon.

And unfortunately each big race seems to need a bit of excitement that usually ends with a bit of damage, and this race was no different, as you can see below a flip out of turn two gave the crowd quite a show. The driver, being the eternal racer, kept the kart running through the flip in hope of hopping back in to finish the race.

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There are about 800 images total (with only about 120 posted now) so check back soon as I will do my best to get them up as quick as possible!

Also, keep an eye out for my “effects” post where you can see the different available effects to add to your images FREE to get more than just the traditional racing images!!! These are unlike anything you have ever seen.

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