New Photography Students at UCM

This year I accepted a unique challenge offered to me by Coleen Fritz, a photography professor at UCM and one of my personal mentors. I will spend the next six weeks or so assisting Coleen with the AE 1400 (Freshmen Seminar for Photographers) course. I will soon introduce you to these up and coming photographers through my blog where I will connect you to their posts and update you to our projects.

Today I had the opportunity to introduce this year’s UCM freshmen photography majors to the wonderful world of wordpress (and flickr). I’m sure we can all expect to see great things from these students as they are the future successful photographers of the world, and now you can find their great and ever-improving work here on wordpress!!!

The students will soon be posting a “welcome” post including one of their favorite personal images, and I will be adding a post containing the links to all of their blogs so you can check them out for yourselves!

It is very important to me to continue to “hand down” any knowledge I gain in the realm of photography. So while I am still young and always learning I am always happy to share my knowledge and hopefully help the next class of photographers outperform ours!!! Lets raise the bar in the photography field!

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