Photography Business Plan – Sarah Jane Photography

The majority of my time from now until the end of the semester will be taken up by my business plan project. For my “Business Management for Photographers” class we must create a complete business plan designed to help us begin our businesses upon graduation. This is a HUGE project so I am enlisting the help of any friendly visitors to my blog!!! I am working hard to find all the information for my plan including everything from market analysis to projected success and MUCH MORE!!! 

So if any of YOU know any good sources for information on beginning a photography business, or general business I would greatly appreciate a quick reply with any suggestions. As a photographer (as many of you fellow photographers will relate) my strengths are in the artistic side of the business and not so much in the business side. Because of this, it is important to me that I learn as much as possible about the business side, as of course it take some great business skills to survive and prosper as a professional photographer (especially in today’s world where every soccer mom is a “photographer”). 

So I’m locking myself in my office and only coming out for class and work … don’t miss me too much world I’ll be back soon (I hope).

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