Wedding & Location – Alien Bee Lighting – Wesley Marsh

Sarah Jane Photography welcomes a second baby boy into our 2008 baby program. I had the chance to photograph Kristen and Josh when they were expecting their young one a couple months ago, and this weekend Wesley got his first shot in front of my camera. I look forward to seeing this handsome baby boy grow over the next year. These images are Wesley’s first with us and he was quite the trooper. Although happiest when allowed to sit in mommy’s arms with his pacifier, we got a variety of images of Wesley sans pacifier and captured a few angry screams in the process.

Click HERE to view more images from this session!!

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img_8622_sjpwebImages Copyright 2008 Sarah Gaughan


Alternative “Studio Lighting” Set:

Below are images that show the use of studio lighting out doors and in other non-studio locations.






4 thoughts on “Wedding & Location – Alien Bee Lighting – Wesley Marsh

  1. I don’t mind alien bees, I actually bought a whole set my freshmen year since they were cheap. It all depends on what you are looking for. They are a cheap, lightweight and fairly portable studio set. I do recomend going with their 13-foot stands and avoiding the 10-foot stands for everything but the background stands (which typically need to be lower). The 13-foot stands are much sturdier and are definitely worth the slight price difference. I am very fond of their beauty light but their soft boxes tend to yellow and are not made to be put up and down often so I suggest leaving them put together. They, however, are not made for longevity. As I said the softboxes yellow and the light weight plastic light body can be less resilient than other metal bodies.

    I would suggest looking into profoto lighting (the lights I personally plan to purchase as soon as I can), elencrom, photogenic and dynalights for studio lighting and q-flash and brescor movie lights for on location work. These are all of course more expensive than the alien bees and for that reason alien bees are becoming more and more popular amongst amateur photographers and new professionals. They are decent lights but the light quality does not compare to those listed above and I do not suggest mixing light with them (if you use one alien bee use all alien bees in the scene).

    I hope this was helpful.

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