SJP 2009 Resolutions – Imaging USA (Coming back home)

Hello ALL!!! It has been quite a long time since my last post due to many factors. One of my many New Year’s Resolutions for Sarah Jane Photography (SJP) is for me to remain more connected to my clients by posting more often to my blog, and including a bit more of myself in the posts. My hope is that in 2009 my blog will become a real connector between my clients and myself.

I spend the last week in Phoenix, AZ at Imaging USA with 10,000 other photographers. I have done my best to soak up as much information and new ideas to be implemented into the SJP experience in 2009. I hope you all enjoy the changes to come and appreciate the atmosphere and ideals of SJP that I pledge not to change. While looking at the great ideas and practices of the hundreds of photographers I had the chance to speak with, I came to the conclusion that while their great ideas are wonderful for them, I can only take the bits of their advice that fit with my vision and my company. I am committed to giving my clients a one of a kind experience. I am not Anne Geddes, Sandy Puc’ or DeEtte Salle nor to I even intend to be. These are great photographers and that I do plan to be though I intend to find this greatness along a unique path.

This rant is essentially my pledge to my past and future customers that I am me and that is what they will continue to get in 2009, hopefully I will continue to grow and change in 2009 and I intend to bring my company along that route of change. I have some great ideas for 2009 including new products (like jewelery), new sessions (pets!!), and a renewed focus! I hope you all continue to enjoy your experience with SJP and I look forward to seeing the SJP client FAMILY grow in leaps and bounds over the next year!

God bless you all in 2009! May all your dreams come true.

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