2009 UCM Photography Expo Print Competition – 5 WINS

This year’s UCM Photography Expo Print Competition turned out great. There were a record number of print entries into 19 total categories including a few new categories like Album Design, Film and High School Seniors.

I am happy to say that I came home with 5 total wins, adding to my two 1st in the 2008 competition and one 2nd and one 1st from the 2007 competition.

This year I took:

– 1st place in the Commercial category with “Extreme”

-1st place in Film category with “Cherry Chrome”

-2nd place in the Wedding category with “Waiting”

-2nd place in the Album category with “Carrie and Michael”

– 3rd place in the Fashion category with “Urban Fruit”

I will post these images very soon! 

I am excited to have won even a single award. Photographing for competition is extremely difficult, and it is my goal to hold a class next semester in how to shoot and select images for competition. I am honored to have these awards and I want to congratulate all the other wonderful photographers that took home ribbons this year as well. I also want to wish next year’s contestants the best of luck!

Congratulations to all those who participated. This year’s competition was full of truly amazing work by some young and very talented photographers!

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