I’m Back … Business is Booming :)

Hello Hello Hello!!!

My New Year’s Resolutions have officially crumbled. Though I planned to post every week I have failed to even get every month covered! Things are winding down now as the Spring semester ends and I am finally able to breath (well after next week anyway).

Though this semester, I have proved that my life can get busier and crazier than it was last semester I have had some amazing opportunities in the past few months, and I hope to share my experiences with you all! For one, I had the opportunity to teach a couple classes this semester for one of my favorite professors, Tom Mitchell. My next post will showcase the information that I shared with his class and you can view it on my “For Photographers” page HERE.

I also had the opportunity to work with an amazing woman, Jan MacLaughlin, to get a start on my “Beautiful Strength” breast cancer project. I will post a few images from this shoot VERY soon. Jan was amazing to work with and her story touched my heart as I am sure it will touch yours. She has two beautiful boys and a loving husband and the family is quite a force to be reckoned with and with them fighting together, her cancer has no chance.

Personally, this semester has been one to remember as well. After a year out of eachother’s lives my best friend and I found our way back to each other. As I am sure most ladies will agree, no relationship parallels that between you and your best girl friend. We are and forever will be sisters at heart and I am happy to have my  back! Recently, we came to the conclusion that at graduation we would have to decide on future plans together because we are not sure we can live in separate houses again let alone separate cities or states. God truly does give you the people you need when you need them.

My business has found success this year as well. The artist in me still struggles to tap into the accountant in me as I trudge through taxes, bookkeeping and filing but I will keep on keeping-on as always. I am happy to have almost ten new brides in the SJP family and am excited to be working on some great new products and programs.

Thank you for stoping by, and hang with me there is more to come!!!

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