Portrait Retouching Class – Imaginomic Portraiture Plug-In

Imaginomic Portraiture Plug-In = The most amazing tool since the healing brush for portrait retouchers!

I was excited to have the opportunity to be the guest speaker in Professor Tom Mitchell’s Digital Imaging class a few weeks ago. During my time with his two classes I had the opportunity to teach them a little bit of traditional portrait retouching, but I really wanted to take that chance to introduce them to the tools that make in-house retouching profitable and that of course meant introducing them to the Imaginomic Portraiture Plug-In.

This program runs a little under $200 and cuts my total retouching time from about 7 minutes to under two minutes for each image. I am sure there are photoshop masters out there that will laugh at even my 2 minute retouch time, and I do not claim to be an expert retoucher (I am quite far from that). I do, however, like most of you do anything that I can to increase the profit of my young business and this tool has been my retouching answer.

I got this plug-in when I was at the point that I could no longer retouch my own images. It was taking me too long to finish each image and I did not want to impliment pose limits in my collections (I do not like to limit my clients and thus my sales). I was already in negotiations with another student who was attempting to make some extra income through retouching. She was going to charge a very reasonable $1.50-$2.00 per image file which was a competitively priced option. However, I received quite a shock when I looked at the first order I was set to give her and since it contained an album I was looking at retouching a little over 50 images! For that order $200 of my profit would have been eaten away at for retouching alone. That same $200 instead could cover the cost of the plug-in which will idealy retouch hundreds of thousands of images!!! What a savings! I could not ignore that fact.

I am not going to attempt to explain the tool here or tell you how to use it, Imaginomic does a great job of that on their site which I have provided links to above. I just wanted to take the chance to introduce you to the plug-in to get you started.

Also, if you are interested here is the powerpoint presentation I used to introduce this product to Professor Mitchell’s class. Educators please feel free to use this powerpoint in your own classes. Please recognize however that all the images used in the powerpoint are copyrighted by Sarah Jane Photography.

Portrait Retouching PowerPoint


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