Instaproofs! Online Proofing

My online proofing just got better! I have been experimenting with Instaproofs recently for my online proofing and from what I have seen in just a couple weeks I would have to say that instaproofs is a superior alternative to photoreflect.

I encourage all of you who utilize online proofing or ordering to check into instaproofs. Plus: Include my name (Sarah Gaughan) and e-mail address ( in your registration information (there is a section dedicated to referals)! So get started proofing and sharing with other photographers!

I will have to point out two drawbacks to the system. 1) Their slideshow feature showcases images in a great slideshow, however the images are blurry despite any resolution changes. 2) Their black & white/ sepia display options to not allow the client to togle through the options on one large image, instead they showcase three smaller images in the three options.

Overall I have to say I’m happy with the switch.

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