Sarah Jane Photography – Boutique Boudoir

I am but a few months from graduating with my degree in photography and though the company is growing quickly, I wanted to evaluate my identity as a photographer before stepping into the field full time in December. It did not take me long to find who I was as a photographer once I decided to listen to myself and not the others around me. I am excited to announce that SJP will be blossoming into a contemporary wedding and boutique boudoir studio. Though studio location and space are not set in stone as of now, the company (and myself) has found its identity.

It was never my goal to be a jack of all trades. It is my style to be great at something and let others handle the things I cannot do perfectly. So ladies… as of now the focus of SJP is you! Every woman is spectacular, though most do not see themselves as so. My passion is uncovering that hidden beauty and sexuality and my goal is to redefine boudoir photography. For me, boudoir is not about sex – it is about a woman’s beauty.. her strength, her confidence and yes also her sexuality. Watching a woman who is a wife, mother, daughter, career woman and more on a daily basis step in front of my camera and come alive is an amazing sight. I never get over hearing “You made me feel so beautiful and sexy, and it was so much fun!” with a surprised tone. Yes ladies, its fun!

Below are a few images from my most recent boudoir session. Look for more to come as I have multiple booked over the next few months.

***If you are interested in booking your own boudoir session please call, email or TEXT me at 573.690.7427 or (If texting: be sure to include your name and email address).



2 thoughts on “Sarah Jane Photography – Boutique Boudoir

  1. Looks like a great start. Boudoir photography takes a special eye, and you have it. Here at my Phoenix studio boudoir photography is really popular because of my eye for making all woman look amazing.

    1. Thank you. I am just starting in this line of work and I have fallen in love with it. I love to make women feel amazing and to bring out the best in them. I hope to grow this portion of my business and would love to specialize in it some day! Thanks for the comment.

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