Great new things coming in 2010!!!

I am so excited about starting another new year and new and exciting adventures with the business! I already have some great new options lined up for 2010 brides two of the biggest additions being a live photo booth and my associate program! Here is a preview of both new ideas.

Photo Booth: Brides are all concerned with making sure their guests are well fed, well entertained and happy at the reception. Well the photo booth ensures that your guests will not spend a single moment sitting in their seats.

What is it: The photo booth is a mini studio set up at your reception hall where all your guests can have a great time being goofy in front of the camera and getting some fun and beautiful images of themselves, their friends and their family while everyone is together. Goofy hats and props themed to your wedding colors make the experience even more unique!

Plus: Want to really impress your guests with a personal “party favor” opt for the guest gift option and you can give each of your guests a professionally framed image of themselves as a party favor!!! It will have them talking about your event for years!!!


I am also really excited about my associate photographer program. What does this mean for 2010 brides? Now every bride, no matter the budget, can get the SJP wedding experience. Have your engagement, bridal and boudoir sessions with me (Sarah) and have your wedding day covered by one of my hand-picked professional associate photographers for only $150/hour (3 hour minimum). This is a HUGE savings and a great way to get a professional experience within a smaller budget. Budget product line is coming soon!! Call to book today, DATES/SPACES ARE LIMITED!

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