Daycare Portrait Sessions!!!

Obviously inspired by my last portrait session, I have decided to start offering more daycare portrait sessions!! YAY.

If you missed my last post you should check it out below… I spent just a couple hours at at an in-home daycare last week photographing each of the children and I had a blast!!! So it got me thinking why not do some more! The sessions are fast and fun and really very easy,  for parents that is! And, lets face it, easy is NOT the word most parents think of when thinking of getting their children ready for a portrait session.

But parents think about this, you get your child ready for daycare just like any other day except maybe you pick out a special outfit and pack an extra outfit too. That’s it! When you pick up your little one and go home, you have an image gallery full of beautiful images of your precious baby! Done!!!

And daycare providers, this is a great way to offer your parents a little extra service. You can choose to pay for the session as a gift to the parents for giving your their business, OR have them cover their session and have the gift be the convenience of you organizing the day! And don’t worry, I do most of the work 🙂 … You just coordinate with the parents to get contact information for me, session payments and to relay session details to each parent.

Plus, as a thanks for being the coordinator of the event, I will also take a group image of all your little ones and you (and any other daycare staff members) … the whole gang! And I give you a FREE 4×6 of my favorite group blooper image… and I promise there will be one! This is a great way to market your daycare if you are expanding or create memories of the children you care for over the years!

Call, email or text me to book your session today!

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