Engagement Session – Guestbook

One of the greatest parts of being a photographer is getting to work with friends and family! My cousin, Austin, is getting married to is beautiful fiance, Janessa, next June and I am so excited to be photographing the wedding.

Austin and Janessa are a young couple and we had a blast photographing their engagement session a few months ago on the campus of the University of Missouri – Columbia. Campus is beautiful, though it was quite cold that day.

Today, I designed their custom guestbook and I am soo excited about this product! You can view the design below and I hope can see why I think this is such a unique product! I am sure anyone who had been to a wedding in the past decade if familiar with the traditional (and BORING) guestbooks… Usually a white or cream linen with some lace and plain lined pages to sign in. Now try to think of another place where you signed in in this exact same way … any guesses?

A funeral!?! … lets not associate an end with your beginning.

So try on a new idea… A beautiful, custom designed album of your engagement session. Now you get more from that session than just a newspaper announcement, you wow your guests with this hot new product, and more than that you invite them to write more than just their names. With no lines, most guests will feel invited to include a special note, or good wishes along with their names. These comment alongside your beautiful images will let you revisit your day and your love over the years.

Plus, think about it, anyone remember getting out that old dusty sign in book to look at the names? But you have to have a guestbook right? So lets do it in style!!!!

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