Project 365 – 2010 project – Missouri Photographer

So… January is always full of resolutions and JUNK but for me it is really a time for “personal goal.” Yes, I know that for some these may seem like the same thing, but lets just face it… resolutions just don’t work. Just ask the 15 pound I have resolved to lose each year for the past 5 years… they are STILL here!

For me 2010 is going to be a time of huge changes (just like every year I guess). I will be moving to ???????? (no idea yet) in just 3 short months to begin the next chapter of my life (entitled “Life after college.. the grown up years”) and I will be running full force toward my dream of owning the biggest, baddest photographic studio EVER! 🙂 Dream big!

SO… the point? I have set myself up with my own little personal project, and I am taking you people along for the ride (the 2 of you who probably stumble upon my blog in your web wanderings) 🙂

My project is to take an image EVERY day!! With my nifty new iPhone I have downloaded an app called “Project 365” and the goal is to create an image every day of the year. Though it is difficult to remember each day, I have done my best to take an image every day and at least make up for the days I miss. It has only been a month but it has been so much fun simply because the images are just creative, fun and I have started to look at my world again.

So today I decided I should put the images out there (where ever there may be). So I will do that here… plus, honestly, it is a little therapeutic for me to spend a few seconds every day looking for an image, and laughing at what I find/see and to write it all down…

Project 365: February 4, 2010

Caption: Today I remembered I needed to take my image after lunch while sitting at my desk.. the first thing I noticed was my empty glass and this is the image I saw:

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