Weddings for 2010/2011 are booking FAST

Hello Ladies/Brides,

Those of you shopping for wedding photographers in Central Illinois and Missouri and who may be considering sharing your wedding day with Sarah Jane Photography don’t wait to call. Contact me ASAP to get your SJP experience started because we are booking FAST for next year and I have already had to turn away multiple couples whose days were booked 😦

It’s alright if you don’t know yet what you need and/or how much your budget should be. I work with each of my couples to discuss what their dream wedding would be and what they really need and find a balance between their fantasy and reality. I can help you decide everything from how much time you need to which products best accent your home decor. I love to hear your stories, get to know you as a couple and then create beautiful art that shows of your personality. Give me a call, text or email today to start planning your perfect wedding day! Plus, find out about ways to earn FREE sessions/prints quickly and easily (ya that’s right I said FREE). Hope to talk to you very soon!

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