Sarah Jane – Now a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

I am proud to announce that last month I became an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics! I know this doesn’t have much to do with photography, and this is my Photography/business blog, but part of the goal behind the blog is to give my SJP family of clients a little glimpse into who I am – the girl behind the camera, so-to-speak.

Well as of last month, who I am now includes an avid Mary Kay cosmetics fan AND a new consultant. Though I say this has “little” to do with photography, the truth is that for me the two are related. My skill and knowledge in each compliments the other. For one, I am so happy to be able to include “mini beauty shoots” in each of my Mary Kay parties so that each lady gets a professional image of her new amazing Mary Kay look. This works great right now as Mary Kay recently announced a Make Over contest with an impressive $4000 DREAM VACATION grand prize!!! (call/text/email to find out how you can win)

There is so much that I absolutely love about Mary Kay products that I could go on and on (and only a couple months ago I would have told you Mary Kay was makeup for your grandma)… I have fallen in love with superior products that in only a couple weeks transformed my skin. I have never had the perfect complexion and always struggled to reduce the appearance of my pores, control excess oil and prevent both over dry patches and breakouts – AHHH. Mine was not a simple skin solution – or so I thought. I do admit that my medicine cabinet went from a collection of about 5-10 products ranging from Clean & Clear to Oil of Olay and everything in between, to MARY KAY MARY KAY MARY KAY (and my tooth brush)! I use everything from the classic Timewise Miracle Set to the oil matifier, oil free eye makeup remover, acne cream, microdermabrasion set and the full color line! AND THEY WORK – Yes, I was as surprised as I sound here.

I never thought there was a difference as nothing had ever really worked for me before. I have also started giving the product as gifts to my closest girlfriends/family as I know that these products need to be in all my girls’ cabinets. The best text I got this week, was one of my best friends texting me to tell me I had her hooked on the moisturizer I had given her for her birthday. She couldn’t believe how great it worked and my response was “I know!!! I told you. It only gets better from there!” Needless to say, she has her own party booked next week so she can earn some FREE product.

Though the blog will still feature my photography and images of my amazing SJP clients, look for a few Mary Kay updates mixed in as well. I will also be toying around with some product reviews and makeup application tips (videos perhaps). I would love your feedback on what you would like to see, and if you use Mary Kay I would love to know what your favorite products are!

🙂 Sarah

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