Daily News – Sarah Jane Photography

New Idea: Today I got one of my many ideas… good or not? The jury is still out. But I have decided to post a “Daily News” Post each day (hopefully) to let you know what I am working on in the studio today. Of course, my larger posts will keep coming once or twice a week where I will feature client sessions (I have some great ones coming up!) and showcase some more important things, but this will be a sort of “facebook status” update right here on WordPress!

So here we go… TODAY is all about multi-tasking for me (as is most every day), I am dumping ALL the cards from yesterday’s sessions (7 total yesterday!). And at the same time listening to one of the marketing webinars from Sam’s World University from Sandy Puc’… I have to say I didn’t multi-task I don’t know how I would get anything done, it’s like adding hours to the day!

One last plug for “The Business of Studio Photography” by Ed Lilley… I am still reading this book (just a few pages a day is all that really fits into my schedule, but it starts the day off wonderfully) and I have to STRONGLY recommend this book to any new studio or even existing studios who need to be reminded of the basics… Lilley will put you in your place, that is for sure! But he is blunt and informative and gives you realistic ideas for starting and growing your business. GET THIS BOOK!

This is an image I snapped of me while checking the light setup in the studio… I actually hadn’t planned to get anything of me but I kind of liked this 🙂

So that is what I am up to right now… what are you doing?

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