Daily News – Sarah Jane Photography: 22.Sept.2010

I LOVE the rain on days when you can be inside!!! I spent the early morning reading a few more pages of Edward Lilley’s “The Business of Studio Photography” in my large bay window with the rain pouring down outside… it was a GREAT way to start the morning.

Spending some time in the studio today on the commercial side of things working on my current project for Little Barks Pet Accessories. Kim, the owner, and I are working to get her some great images to show off her very unique, hand-made products from leashes and collars to doggie treats in a variety of flavors. The leashes are so cute I know I will have to get one for my little diva, Lily (my youngest yorkie).

I will also be meeting with Lori later today. She is the woman in charge of the Decatur Celebration and is working now on the upcoming Haunted Attraction for Halloween. We will be working with Lori to arrange a Peek-A-BOO Portrait booth at the Haunted Attraction’s kid night so we can get some great images of all the little one’s costumes. We hope to also partner with a local charity to collect some canned food items and donations in exchange for the sessions. I am so excited about our first “community event” in Decatur! So come out and see us October 30th at the Haunted Attraction OR October 31st at the Studio!

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