Daily News: Sarah Jane Photography 23Sept2010

SO EXCITED! Yesterday, I had a wonderful meeting with Lori Sturgill who I have now decided to refer to as the “Queen of Decatur.” Lori is wonderful! We met to discuss my involvement with the upcoming Haunted Adventure and the specifics about our portrait event, Lori went on to give me about 10 contacts involved with local radio stations, newspapers, and magazines as well as a few amazing ideas for where to host our Peek-A-BOO portraits on Halloween night (our original idea was for it to be here at our home studio – but Lori had some great ideas to get us some better exposure)!

Our banner for the Peek-A-Boo Portrait event at the SCREAM!

Since what she gave me is worth it’s weight in gold of course I will be returning the favor in any way I can and we hope to work together to get the office of the Decatur Celebration looking a little more like a Celebration by filling up some white walls with celebration images!

I will also be speaking with Chris at the Herald & Review today about a possible article about the studio in this Friday’s newspaper YAY!!! AND hope to contact a few other publications about getting a few articles as well as a spot on our local talk radio show (hopefully tomorrow morning). 🙂

I feel like yesterday was a HUGE day for SJP! And of course, I gave Katie Weber of Kay Web Photography in St. Charles a call to share the news (as we always do for each of our studios) – It is so great to be able to have a friend in the industry to share your successes (and failures) with along the way.

PLUS (whew there is just a LOT of news today), I will be taking at least one intern/assistant on a part-time/contract basis so if you are in Decatur and are interested and talented or studying one of the following areas: marketing, business, photography, graphic design or public relations, call me to set up your interview soon – maximum of two slots ONLY!

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