Daily Studio News: Sarah Jane Photography 24Sept2010

AHHH!! Getting the time to do the daily post today has been a challenge! This morning has been absolutely crazy – crazy wonderful though. Day began my waking up 2 hours LATE, which was Ryan’s plan as he had taken the day off and not told me so he faked a panic for about 5 minutes then went back to sleep… what didn’t work is that HE took the day off, not me! I had a ton of work to do and was then 2 hours behind!

The Brian Byers radio show  on WSOY hosted a charity event this morning to raise money for Project Success and my call in radio spot had to be between 7:30-9:00, so rolling out of bed I ran into the office (in PJs – get the visual) and sat at my desk to call the show… Yes, all who heard me – I WAS IN MY PAJAMAS FOR MY FIRST EVER RADIO SPOT!

PLUS, the newspaper article about me ran in today’s Herald & Review!!! I have yet to even get a copy to read it for myself. But with two public appearances in the wee hours of the morning the rest of my day up until this point was filled with phone calls – those congratulating me on the spots and those who heard about me and wanted to book right away!! – YES, SJP has arrived Decatur!!

So the books are filling quickly! (You will be happy to know I am no longer in my PJs as I write this by the way)… My October weekends are now almost ALL booked, a few spots are left for family/child portraits but not many so you will want to call soon to get some Holiday images done!

I would also like to announce that we will be having another portrait event at the Lincoln Square Theatre’s Fall Galla on October 16th with on-site printing of images for guests! I am excited to be donating my services to this event and hope to get some great exposure in town.

We are headed back to Missouri for the weekend (Jays game and MU game) and of course I am taking work home – too much to do for just one person!!!

POSITION AVAILABLE: It really is getting to be too much work for just myself to run the company anymore, so there is a position available (ONE) for a part-time assistant. To get a full job description email me at mail@sjanephotography.com or call Monday-Friday 9-4: 217.330.7012. There is room for upward mobility as the company grows, I would love to find someone to come on with me now and stay as we get larger to become my office manager/second in command, etc.

Have a great weekend!!! (and grab a Herald & Review and look for ME)!

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