Daily Studio News – Sarah Jane Photography Decatur, IL

OH MY! I have two words for the past two days: “Extreme Portraiture” … I really felt like I was on a “reality” TV show or being Punked! Here is why…

Yesterday evening I hosted a second Business+Beauty Photography night here for another Mary Kay unit in the area. We did a quick business session for each of the consultants who came to create some headshots for them to use on their websites and in other advertising and branding for their businesses. We had about 11 sessions scheduled between 6:00-8:00. At about 6:05, once all the ladies had arrived and begun their meeting upstairs while I took the first client down stairs to the studio for their session, THE POWER WENT OUT! Yes, no joke!

The whole west end lost power!!! It, of course, did not cross my mind to send all these lovely women home (their time is much to valuable to have wasted that evening for them) so we lit candles and candles and candles. The ladies up stairs had it easy with my large bay window allowing in enough of the evening light to make their meeting possible until about 7:30, but downstairs in the studio our only window is about 2 feet square – NOT ENOUGH!

Luckily, all of my lighting systems are battery powered since you don’t want to be searching for an AC plug on a wedding day, but there was no way my camera was going to focus on them in the next to no light. So each woman had to hold a candle just out of view of the camera for her headshot!!!

I could honestly say that was one of the most interesting night of photography I have ever had… until today when the same thing happened during a boudoir session! And again in the studio we had to problem solve to create the studio images for Kalle… so in each image she was spotlighted with a flashlight so that the camera could focus. Now we each have an interesting story to tell!

I really wish I would have taken a photo of our candle setup! It would be worth a laugh… So don’t take your electricity for granted today 🙂

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