Daily News – Sarah Jane Photography Decatur, IL

It feels like it has been a while since I have just checked in with a “Daily” post. So here is what has been going on at SJP… We have had a busy October, and are gearing up for a similar November.

Being in love with photography I am always excited to share what I do with others and last week I was invited to speak at our local Ambucs club’s luncheon meeting. It was great to share my work and a little about myself with a group so dedicated to helping others in the area. I am hoping to be able to offer the organization some photography services to help further their cause in the area.

Also, I was very pleased to learn of the Decatur Camera Club! It is so exciting to hear that there is an organization dedicated to sharing and learning about the art I love. And I am even more excited that they have invited me to speak to the group to teach them a little about portrait lighting and posing. This will be coming up about the middle of November, so look for more details about this.

This week is a big week as I get ready for the big Halloween Portrait Events this weekend. (If you have forgotten I will be at the Scream Friday and Saturday and Boo at the Zoo Sunday with a Peek-A-Boo Portrait booth). Kat, of Thrive Magazine, is working with me to design a backdrop for the kiddos and I have fully loaded our candy cauldron so I am prepared to bribe out some smiles!

I do still need one or two assistants for this weekend so if you are interested give me a call 217.330.7012!

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