Daily News – Sarah Jane Photography Decatur, IL – NEW IDEAS

So most creative people know that sometimes you can be going through and ordinary everyday sort of routine when inspiration hits. Today, I was knee deep in quickbooks (drowning in numbers) when an idea hit me… I am working to find a retail location for the business here in Decatur and love the idea of creating an whole art-rich environment for our clients. So here it is: CUPCAKES!

Yes, sometimes my ideas are a bit nuts, but I have to ask: Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And how about coffee? And a great place to socialize with friends? Am I painting the picture for you? So here’s hoping we can build a CupCake Bar/Coffee House Gallery right here in Decatur!

So other things that are going on… Kat from Thrive sent me a couple snap shots of the background she is painting for me and WOW … and let me repeat: WOW! She is amazing! This girl has talent and I am so excited to show off her handiwork this weekend at the Peek-A-Boo booth.

Oh and here is a little “Image of the Day” … Ryan and I went to Black Barts Pumpkin Patch last night to pick up a few hay bales and things for the portrait booth and of course ended up getting a couple pumpkins for ourselves. I was shooting the sun setting over the pumpkin patch when this little girl was taking her finds to the car. She was so cute, and proud of her pumpkins.

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