Boutique Studio Engagement Portraits – Sarah Jane

Bernadette + Kenny Engaged

Bernadette stopped by my booth at the Neuhoff Media Lady Palooza event a few months ago and right away I knew she was a client I wanted to work with! She was so fun and energetic and was so excited to look at all my different products, especially our designer albums.

This is a session that kind of morphed as we went along. We started with just Bernadette to get a few bridal images of her before their big day. But with a quick phone call Bernadette was able to talk Kenny into stopping by the studio as well and we hopped right into photographing some engagement images of the two of them.


After a few portraits of the couple, I went to change the backdrop and Bernadette caught a peak at Heather & Travis’s Panoramic Wall Canvas that was hidden behind the background and she was instantly in love! (I love it when that happens!!!) Though her session didn’t include a second location, the wildflower field is just minutes away and I could see she really wanted to go so, of course, we went.

Oh and did I mention, we let Kenny head home about 10 minutes before she saw that portrait thinking we would finish up the session with just Bernadette… Well Kenny was a trooper and happily came back so we could create a wall portrait in the field and it turned out beautifully.

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