“I do” in a barn! Joplin, MO Wedding

Jenn + Scott Married

Well if you have been anywhere near my blog in the past month you know that my BFF got married 2 weeks ago! I had the honor of being her Maid of Honor so I was not the official photographer of the day but I, of course, had my camera with me all day and here are some of the images from her big day.

Surviving living with me for 4 years earns her some quick previews on FB and the blog 🙂 …





8 thoughts on ““I do” in a barn! Joplin, MO Wedding

  1. Do you have any idea if they might be interested in renting their barn for a wedding? I want to get married in a barn and am having a hard time finding one in this area. Thanks.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      I mentioned it to them when I was visiting over Christmas and they hadn’t really thought about it but said they would think about it. Would you mind if I gave them your email address? That way if they decide they would like to they can contact you.


  2. Sarah,
    Just seen the barn pics and was also wondering if they are interested in allowing other weddings. Planning a country wedding and have been looking for place like that. Please send them my info if they are willing.

    Thanks a million

  3. Hi, I was wondering the same thing about the barn…if they would be willing to rent it out? I’m looking to get married and wanted a barn wedding.

  4. Did they ever rent this barn out for other weddings? If so, can you give me info or give my email address to them to contact me?

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