First Birthday Portraits – FREEBIES + Session Deals

It has been my experience that in running a small business many great ideas and marketing pieces develop out of imediate need. I have been collecting my client’s birthdays and the birthdays of their children since nearly the beginning of my business all with the idea to someday launch a birthday promotion to give each client a special gift on their birthday each year. Well, just last week a wonderful client of mine called me because her daughter Khloe (which some of you may remember seeing as I have photographed her before) is turning ONE in August!

She would like for me to take images that she can display at Khloe’s birthday party and was curious if I had a birthday promotion. I was completely honest with her and I think my reply was something like “Well, I want to… but just have not quite gotten there yet!” So I told her to give me the weekend to coral all my ideas (kept in my nice little jam packet marketing notebook) into a finished Birthday promotion which I would unveil Monday…. So… Its MONDAY! And as promised, I am done!

So below is my First Birthday Promotion Card that will go out to all my clients with little ones who will turn one soon.

I’m equally excited about the birthday promotion that will extend to all those celebrating their 2nd-18th birthdays. I love the look of the First Birthday Monogram Display and it seemed just the item begin a series. So if it is your birthday, and your not turning one, I am happy to offer you 30% off the session of your choice (featuring only the birthday girl/boy) PLUS a 4×10 “It’s My Birthday” Portrait. Each year this art piece will feature the child’s age creating a beautiful wall series that shows your child grow up through the years! And you can customize this portrait art display by adding a 4×10 Designer Name Print to begin the series, or adding a beautiful designer portrait ledge in the color of your choice and even upgrade to 5×15 size to really make an impact!

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