| Sarah Jane Photography | Central Illinois Boudoir Portraits | Decatur

| Michelle | Beautiful Boudoir Portraits |

An in-home studio is perfect for my boutique boudoir sessions. By being able to use every room, window, staircase, doorway, and piece of furniture each of my clients can get a variety of intimate looks that go beyond just the look of a traditional studio. Michelle’s session was one of my favorite boudoir sessions, she is a very fun person and though she said she was a little nervous you would have never guessed it. Excitement and adventurousness definitely overshadowed any nervousness as far as I could tell.

Because Michelle was excited to try a variety of different looks we pushed the envelope a bit with her session and tried some things I hadn’t even done before … like the ‘belt’ image below that is by far one of my favorites and the future cover of her beautiful designer album! Well enough talking from me, take a look for yourself at just how awesome Michelle’s session was!


When I saw the hat that Michelle brought in I knew I wanted to take this image and when I suggested it to her she was more than excited to give it a try!



Michelle was the very first client to be photographed on my craigslist find (the vanity). She loved the reflections and so did I.

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