Sandy Puc’ Creative Kids Tour | St. Louis, MO

| Creative Kids Tour | Emotion of Images … Some Stories |

I spent a few days this last week/weekend in St. Louis doing some work at Kay Web Photography with friend and fellow photography Katie Weber and attended Sandy Puc’s Creative Kids Photography Tour last night. I have gone to one of Sandy’s major tours every year for the last five (so every year she has been touring!) and I always take home new ideas and get inspired. Photographers, I would highly encourage you checking out her education opportunities. Sandy is a photographer who is passionate about our field and passionate about helping the industry not only survive but grow, evolve and prosper. In the last five years I have seen a huge change in Sandy’s brand, style, and so much more and she is an open book sharing her journey with other photographers.

It was great to see her again and inspiring to hear some of her latest ideas, tips and struggles. But by far the most touching moment of the evening came during one of her anecdotes. She shared a very emotional story about  missing an opportunity to photograph a friend with her daughter because as we all know, life happens and they were forced to keep postponing this session. Creating these images was a chance she never got because of a horrible accident which took the life of her friend. When talking about this, she spoke not from the parents typical point of view of wanting beautiful images of their precious children but instead she asked about their view as children. As adults, how precious are the images you have of your childhood, not just the images of you, but those of you in you mother’s arms or on your father’s lap. The images that show your parents growing along side you…

In hearing her speak, the images that came to my mind were vivid. The first was an image of myself on my grandfathers lab as a baby. This is one of the only images ever taken of the two of us and my only true memory of my grandfather who passed away not long after it was taken. I never knew the man, but I knew the stories of the love he had for all his children and grandchildren and I will always have that image. The next image that came to mind for me, was an image of myself and about 6 other journalism students taken in high school at my senior prom with my teacher, mentor and inspiration, Mr. Bill Currie. This October ‘Currie’ as we called him, will have been gone two years and this image hangs in my office and always will. I can’t imagine the loss I would feel if that image were to be taken away.

Now, this blog post is not intended to be morbid or even sad, but when Sandy spoke of images this way it touched my heart and reminded me the reason why I love what I do. Images are not about the paper they are on, or the ink used to print them. But rather they are about who we are in them and the relationships they capture. Sandy pleaded to the audience to give a friend our cameras and head out and get in images with our families (because as the ‘photographer’ we are notoriously missing from those family images) and I do the same to any and all of you reading… While I would love to see you in the studio so that we can create some beautiful family portraits for you, but in the meantime go out and have a friend take some images of you and your family and do the same for her. There is no time to waste your children grow every day and no one knows how long we all have together.

Side Note: I learned last night in talking to her after the show that she has a very similar tattoo to mine. One we both got to remind ourselves to keep on going. 🙂 I may tell you more about this later…

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