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As a person, I am pretty much always in motion. I have never quite mastered the art of relaxation and complacent isn’t really in my vocabulary (metaphorically that is, obviously I just wrote it so it’s in the word arsenal…anyways). So as my imagery, art and design evolve it is often difficult for me to reign in the creative exploration of the SJP brand. For the past seven years I have come from ‘Portraits by Sarah’ to ‘SMG Photography’ and then finally landing on Sarah Jane Photography (to the disappointment of my mother who points out that this is NOT my name).

And in the past four years SJP has searched for a look, and trust me each time landing on the new look appears to be the final destination, so I make no claims that we have arrived at our iconic “Coca-cola” red BUT with the help of Miss Hannah Shaw of La Petite Salon (who offered some fresh eyes on the original design and offered a little direction which led to this final product) I am excited to show off the new look for my cards, signs, and blog!

The cards in person! Arrived today (literally in about a day and a half from overnightprints.com)… and yes this was taken on my iPhone, and yes I do own a multi-thousand  dollar camera which could have been used to take this image and make it look MUCH better, but um… NA this works.

AND side note, though most of my time is devoted to the creation of images and custom artwork for my portrait and wedding clients I do love design and have a lot of fun working with other small businesses so if anyone reading this blog (IF there is anyone reading this blog) is a small business owner struggling to create a look or brand give me a call! I hope you all love the design as much as I do (in this moment when it is new and shiny … as the Thrive team would say “Oh look, a Nickel”)


Thanks for reading! (or at least looking at the pictures – that’s what really matters)

Good night world.

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