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Hello All… Anyone still here?? I know it has been so so long since I have been able to keep up with the blog and I sincerely apologize. The good news is that all of my amazing clients are the reason for the delay and lack of blog posts. When looking at the to do list, ‘design album, retouch portraits, complete order’ always seems 100% more important than ‘update blog’ which is the lonely last sentence at the bottom of the ever-growing list. 

But alas (take a moment to be excited about that word, we don’t use often enough!)… anyways ALAS, I am here now. While waiting on my next client in Starbucks and enjoying a nice cup of coffee I am taking some time to check in with you all and let you know that past blog posts WILL come and new ones as well. 

I’d love to do a quick bullet list of all the amazing things that have been going on for any of you who haven’t been able to keep up on Facebook (I can hardly keep up on most days so how any of you can baffles me). 🙂 So what’s new? What happened in 2011? And whats coming in 2012… GO


  • WOW First and foremost a HUGE GARGANTUAN ENORMOUS Thank you from the bottom of my heart goes out to all my 2011 (and past) clients! You guys never stop amazing me. 2011 was our first full year of business in central Illinois and can I just tell you that you people ROCK. Really! This year surpassed all my expectations and more and I cannot wait to give you all I can give in 2012. 
  •       On this topic I want to share a little story:  I talked to one of my brides today and when working out delivery for her portraits she mentioned something along the lines of not wanting to add to my workload because she knows I’m so busy… I quickly replied that she and her fiancé WERE my work and that making her experience easy, convenient and more was my job and I LOVE my job! You guys are all what let me do what I love every day so I will always figure out a way to give you the best possible portrait and experience


  • WE ARE MOVING! Yes, not far, but Ryan and I are excited to now be home-owners of a beautiful home in Oreana. The studio will be coming with us out there and I think you will all be excited to see what we have planned for the space. Lindsey and I are excited for a larger office, and I can’t wait to shoot in the new larger studio space. Plus, (Ryan’s Idea) we have added a new 55 inch flat screen television to take your premier and viewing experience to the next level. How about seeing your 30×40 portrait on the wall instantly! Stay connected with us her and on Facebook to get details on when we will be inviting everyone to come out to see the new space. 
  • IMAGING USA! I am very excited to be heading down to New Orleans this Saturday and spending about a week there for the super bowl of Photography Conferences. This will be my third or fourth time attending and the education, inspiration and networking available there is unparalleled. I am sorry to have to take a week away from my clients, but it is worth it as I will go and bring back ideas and information on all the latest trends in the industry. To be the best photographer for all of you, I continue my education constantly with webcasts weekly, if not daily, mini-seminars and large conferences. I hope to check in a bit while I’m there to give you all a taste of our time there. I will be going with Katie Weber of Kay Web Photography in St. Charles and Julie Carter of Julie Carter Photography here in Decatur. 


  • BRIDAL SHOW I spent last Sunday visiting will hundreds of brides at the WDBR Bridal Extravaganza and it was a blast. Lindsey can tell you, those shows put me in a fantastic mood. And why would they not? I love my job and when I get to share what I love with so many excited brides, you cannot have a bad day! We offered some amazing show specials with savings up to $885 off wedding collections as LIndsey said “WOW so shows are the place to book huh?” YES! That is definitely true. Come see us newt month at the Mt Zion Bridal Expo at the Convention Center on February 26th and see what show specials we have to offer then (you definitely won’t want to miss them). 
  • NEW ASSISTANT. So now that I have mentioned Lindsey about 20 times let me introduce you to her. Lindsey is my new office assistant and some of you may have already had the chance to speak with her and/or meet with her. She is a senior and will be graduating this year and then heading to college locally and continuing to work for me. You can expect to hear from her when you call and she will be keeping you all posted on the status of your orders!
  • CHARITY MODEL SEARCH. Oh yes, those of you know participated last year know this is by far the BEST time to have your little one photographed at SJP. This year the deals are even better! Our session collection, valued at over $100, is only $35! Plus, I have gone even further and put together some Portrait Collections that are only available to my Charity Model Search clients and are at a huge discount. This is about earning money for an amazing charity (NILMDTS.org) and in the meantime letting your child shine in this National Competition. Sessions run February- March and I’m so please to see you all getting so excited about them. 

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