We’ve MOVED! | SJP Relocation Oreana IL

Good morning everyone! As many of you already know Ryan and I are excited to now be first time homeowners. We sort of ‘impulse bought’ a home in Oreana. I say it was an impulse buy because we weren’t actively looking for a home when a friend of Ryan’s mentioned there was one for sale in his neighborhood. Ryan called to set up a walk-through and though that home wasn’t the one for us, he had seen one just a couple blocks over. After some phone calls we were able to see this one that same morning and the rest is history. 

We saw the house on a Saturday morning and by Monday were in making an offer. By the end of the week we had gone through a couple rounds of back and fourth offers and were waiting for our final offer to be approved. In less than a week we had signed a contract on our house and were lining up inspections and I think I looked up one day and asked ‘uh did we just buy a house?’ Yes, yes we did! 

Anyways… I’m excited to now be moved in, to have a few rooms repainted already and be actively on our way to making all our little improvements to make this home ours. So what does this new space mean for you (SJP clients)? I’m very excited to now have a bigger studio, designated solely for studio space! No more shooting around the table or couch and TV. Plus, we have a beautiful, and HUGE, new office that will help with our expanded client base and work load. And new livingroom/viewing room complete with a new 55 inch (soon-to-be wall mounted) flat screen TV. A separate client meeting space for consultations and deliveries. And behind the scenes we now also have a full prop room which will make finding and using all the props and accessories we have much much easier. 

I’m excited to already have my first clients booked in the new space next week! Yes, I have a LOT of work to do to be ready for you all by then but we are making good progress and with Lindsey in the office the rest of the week we should have the office back up and running in no time. 

A huge thank you goes out to my current clients who have been scheduling deliveries around my move and being patient with me as I went without phone connection for a couple days and am still not reconnected to all your files with the main computer. 

I will post a few images of our progress so far and please check back in as I know we will want to invite you all out to help us break in the new space very soon! 


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