Portrait Session With Disk…. OR MORE?? The SJP Experience

Talked to a lovely lady today who has a family of 18 she would like photographed! We talked briefly on the phone so I could get an idea of what she was looking for and answer her questions, but we will meet in person soon for her consultation.

I talked to her a bit about the SJP experience and as clients often do, she asked if I offer a CD. Which, of course, I do but I explained that this is not a popular option with my clients. She was one of those who it immediately clicked with that the CD would offer her Walmart quality personal snap shots, of the beautiful images she had paid so much for…. Instead I went on to explain to her a little about the SJP portrait experience and that after her session her and her family would be invited in for an in-person premier where they could see their family images and their story live on our big screen television. 

Then we would work together to design wall art and possibly and album for their home and to create a family heirloom that would last through many generations. I also explained that she could even take an image (or two) of her home and where she might like to hang these portraits when they are finished. And with these images I will custom design a display piece to fit her particular space, home style and decor. 

It was such a pleasure to talk with her and after the conversion was over I was excited and confident in my product. I often wonder if it would just be easier to offer a disk of images and let my clients handle the printing (because after all this means less retouching time, less lab expense, less color correction, calibration, less packaging expenses, etc, etc) but knowing that I get to work with each client to create beautiful finished art pieces and having clients who see and appreciate the difference makes me know that creating these products is staying true to myself and my brand. 🙂 

It was a wonderful phone conversation and I can tell this family will be a lot of fun to work with!


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