Behind the Lens | Sarah Jane Photography | One of THOSE Days!

Hello All… This afternoon I am very much in need of a little break, and if any of you had the type of Monday I had I thought you might enjoy a little laugh and the comedy show that was my day. 

Before I tell you the story of my day I want to preface it by saying, I did NOT look at this as a bad day at all, and the little things that went ‘wrong’ were at most an inconvenience and at the very least gave me a little giggle. I’m sharing, not to complain, but to entertain because let me just tell you someone (up there) decided I was not going to get a thing done today no matter what I tried to do! 

So lets begin… The journey of my Monday: 

  • Oops 1: I forgot to turn my alarm clock off after getting out of bed… Now, did it decide to go off while I went downstairs, let the dogs out, fixed my coffee, and picked out my clothes? NOPE. It decided to go off after I was already in the shower and it was plugged into my iHome playing music, so after about 90 seconds of iTunes bliss I was serenaded for the entirety of my shower with iPhone ‘Harp’ alarm (thank God it was Harp not ‘Old Phone’). 
  • Oops 2: Running a bit late, I decided I needed to do what I never do and dress prepared for the cold weather so I wouldn’t be grumpy and cold later. So I grabbed a couple matching gloves (first mistake… why waste the time to find the matching one??), one of which was completely balled up and inside out and it fought me along the way as I tried to pry out all of the fingers…. 
  • Oops 3: Glove FINALLY on! Ready to leave… Keys – CHECK (ya the only oops I didn’t have today was locking my keys in my house), Purse – CHECK, iPad – CHECK, Bank Deposits – CHECK, HUGE bucket of change I am taking to the bank that weighs a TON – CHECK… gloves on…….. AND I CAN’T OPEN OUR DOOR WITH THE GLOVES ON!!! Stupid door knob we didn’t get around to changing this weekend is picking a fight with me! I am determined not to have to take off the glove I just put on and I struggled with the knob for at least five minutes before throwing in the towel (glove) and ripping it off with my teeth without putting down the 50 lb bucket of change. 
  • Oops 4: Pulling out of the driveway… relief that I am finally on the way. And “oh look.. what is that in the driveway?” YES, it is my evil glove which I dropped along the way. Well, guess what, it was mean to me so I abandoned it and drove off with some weird satisfaction that this evil piece of material would be at the mercy of mother nature until my return. HA
  • Oops 5: Oh wait, I forgot my breakfast, my coffee, and the carpet cleaner (the entire purpose for my trip). So defeated and giggling at this morning I returned (did NOT pick up the glove) and got the rest of what I needed. 
  • Oops 6: Shampooing carpet at the old house went smoothly and just when I thought my day was looking up, I went to empty the tank of dirty water from the shampooer so I could pack up and leave and get back to the office… and THERE IS A HUGE OPENING AT THE TOP TO MAKE EMPTYING EASIER… Do NOT turn the container upside down/sideways before getting to the sink… Trying to multi-task and empty both containers at the same time I held one, reached down for the other and dumped the DIRTY water all over my t-shirt and jeans. YUK… I repeat YUK! Like this is full of water plus all the nasty stuff you just vacuumed up! Well, it’s only half full now since I am now wearing the rest. PS, I still have to go to the bank like this!
Intermission… Bank = success and I’m not home to get to work and have the Culligan dude install water softener. 
  • Oops 7: Oh Culligan Man … The prior Culligan man had said that installation would be super simple since we had water pipe, drain and plug-in all in one area of the basement. Oh how you were wrong dude! First: That is NOT the main water pipe…. sooo we have to move this to near the main water pipe. CHECK. Second: Oh there is no drain next to that main water valve… uh so we have to pipe it over to the only drain in the basement? Guess what that’s more $$$. Third: There is NO plug-in near the main water valve either! Ok so 3 for 3, he said we had all three where they needed to be and turns out we have 0 of 3 where they need to be. 
  • Oops 8: K finally back in the office to work…. Unauthorized charge on my credit card UG …. Have to stop work to deal with this. 
  • Oops 9: Entourage FAILS… will not reopen and cannot fix it … I have no idea what is up. 
  • Oops 10: Try to set up Mail through Mac and avoid Entourage… cPanel password to the website is MIA and reset failed 3 times. SOOOO….. what to do, what to do. (Write a blog post about this unproductive crazy day- CHECK) 😉

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