| Jason | Warrensburg-Latham Senior Portraits |

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| Sarah Jane Photography | Senior Portraits | Decatur/Oreana IL

Jason is graduating this year and with both of our busy schedules we had been trying and failing to get him in all year. When you play as many sports as he does, and keep doing so well, it’s bound to create some scheduling whoas with game conflicts and such. And we even had mother nature out to get us on this one, having to reschedule once for rain. But, we never gave up and early this spring we got a sunny (although chilly) day and were able to create some great senior portraits for Jason.

He did great at toughing out the cold (yes there is snow in the background of a few… I’m not kidding it was cold). Check out a few of my favorite images from his session! And check out our facebook for a chance to see more (throw some LIKES his way so we can post more!).


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