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| Mini Boudoir Sessions |

Hey ladies, I hear you all talk all the time about wanting to do a boudoir session but being a little unsure. Trust me, EVERYONE who walks through my door the day of their boudoir session is a little unsure still. Don’t tell, but I secretly love to open the door and see what facial expression I will get when my lovely ladies show up for their session. It’s usually some mixture of shock, fear, excitement, with a little adrenaline.

Most client’s may not realize that I actually have a great way for you to ‘test the waters’ so to speak with a boudoir session. While it’s not a normally offered session (you won’t see it anywhere in a catalog), I have a radio-only special Mini-Session which is auctioned off through the WSOY radio auctions each month. This is exactly what it sounds like… a MINI boudoir session. It’s only 45 minutes in the studio with 2 outfits, but its a great chance to get a little trial run and create some beautiful images of yourself, for yourself or your man.

While I can tell you that 99% of the ladies who walk in the door have some degree of fear and nervousness, I can also tell you that 100% of the ladies who walk out of my doors after their session (and again after their image premier) are beaming with confidence and smiling from ear to ear. And that is exactly why I love my work, with every boudoir session my goal is to remind you of the gorgeous woman you are, because YOU ARE!

(And yes, I know, you want to wait until you lose 15 more pounds. Man you should see the list of amazing things I’ll be doing after I loose those same 15… it starts with losing the next 15!)

Happy Friday Ladies!

PS: If you’re thinking you need to lose those pounds first, come on in and talk to me about how you can get an ‘after’  boudoir session FREE. But you have to LOVE IT first with a ‘before’ session and then when you LOSE IT I’ll take your ‘afters’ for FREE.

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