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It’s the time of year when we finally get to focus on Mom, for one day. If your mother is anything like mine, the woman deserves at least 360 days of celebration a year (she might even deserve the whole year!). But this day, this one day, is just for her. To celebrate what she is sure to tell you is the best job in the world, being your mother. And what do you get Mom on this special day? Aside from time with you, I hear time and time again from the mother’s who walk through my doors how much the love and adore the portraits of their children. Whether you are 1 or 51 (or older), your mother would love a portrait of you more than dinner, a dress, even a diamond.

I’ve given my mom many things over the years for mother’s day. From handmade floral arguments when my little kid pockets were pretty empty to self portraits of myself and her grand puppies when my college pockets were pretty empty! It was always these personal gifts that held the places of honor in our home or on her desk for the longest time. And if you look at her desk now you will see a literal shrine of Sarah through the years. (Yes, I get to relive the glasses, braces and all the hair do mistakes EVERY time I go to visit). While there may be stages of our lives we would rather forget (like a bad-idea blond year in high school, I just do NOT have the complexion for blond), these are all the times of our lives our mother’s want to remember.

So this year, gift mom with a one-of-a-kind portrait experience. Yes, not just a portrait but the entire experience. Let her work with us to design a session that capture’s her families personality and love. Then spend the time with the whole family in the beautiful spring weather creating these beautiful images and then sit back with a cup of coffee to view her family on the big screen during her image premier. Finally, let us send her home with a designer art piece for her wall where she can walk by her family every day. Or let us pamper her with custom image jewelry, because you know she wants to show these off to all her friends! Make your mom the envy of all the girls with an SJP mother’s day session, gift card or product.

Just call, we will help you pick out the perfect item to make your mom remember she is appreciated the full 365 days a year! Afterall how can you not walk by an image like this without smiling every time.

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