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Briefly about SLF: Many of my wedding clients know I am a member of a group of Premier Wedding Vendors called the Springfield Local Favorites. I have been a member since not long after moving to Illinois and it has been an invaluable asset for me to network with other quality vendors in the area and get to know the Illinois Bride and what she wants! For brides, the SLF is a safe and reliable way to shop for your wedding.

Just this morning I had a client email me for a wedding NEXT MONTH… now you know, this is SHORT notice and the reasoning for this is that they have run into (unknown) problems with their current wedding photographer. This happens far to frequently. With photographers, DJs, cake decorators, florists and every other vendor associated with the wedding industry. Unfortunately, the wedding industry is HUGE and many ‘fly by night’ companies and some very well-meaning entrepreneurs try to break into the market to ‘get a piece of the pie’ so to speak and very quickly find out they underestimated what goes into what we do. This can spell disaster when it comes to your wedding. What happens if you book a photographer for your wedding a year in advance and they are out of business in 8 months when they discover they aren’t making it?

The SLF is here for exactly this reason…. if you have a problem with your vendor, who do you go to? The boss, well with me, that’s ME. But because I’m an SLF member, you now have over 40 other members dedicated to your satisfaction and to stand behind my product. And as a member, I’m standing behind the work of every other member … which we do not do lightly because if they screw up, it’s on us as well.

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NOW…. with that little introduction into the SLF and the bride side of things, I’m excited to talk to you about the vendor side of things. There is no doubt SLF is wonderful for brides, but it is also an asset to vendors. The group meets once a month and offers the chance to network amongst other local wedding vendors, keep on top of the local bridal trends and give/receive referrals so we can all work together to give our brides the best experience.

Last night we met and discussed the ‘trend’ and really the need to “Go Green” or greener within our businesses. As individuals we can all do our part (or some part) to help our environment and some steps we all know are very easy. But, as businesses it is also important we think about ways to go green within our business. For me, the biggest thing we do at SJP is recycle our cardboard boxes. While this is just a small step, we receive 2-5 shipments of products a week and all come packaged in a LOT of packaging (after all we must protect your valuable and delicate portraits through the mail). We recycle all of this as well as doing our best to keep the number of shipments to a minimum by placing fewer large orders instead of many small orders.

We also recycle in other ways… for example, my samples in the studio are only around for so long before we need to update them to newer images. When we update an image we offer our sample to our client at a greatly discounted rate so that these items are not being discarded. At our meeting we talked about other ways to reduce our waste including using LED lights, turning off our harddrives/computers which eat power and even looking into solar panels that could run our office equipment off solar energy. (Though will the wind at our new house, I’d say a well placed wind mill could power the neighborhood!).

I would challenge and encourage you all to find ways that you or your company can help the environment in new and innovative ways! GO… green. 😉


LOCAL SLF: Decatur vendors the SLF will be branching off into a new Decatur Local Favorites Group and I encourage you all to get in on the ground floor here. Memberships are limited. We will be meeting May 22 at 6:00 so feel free to email me mail@sjanephotography.com for more information on how to get involved.

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