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While I specialize in the boutique portrait experience for seniors and brides, I am always willing to answer the needs of other local businesses and often this need involves corporate headshots. This could be an environmental portrait of your employees doing what they do which is a great way to show your clientele both who and what they can expect when they choose your business. Many times, however, something as simple as a business head shot can do a lot to give a face to your business and create an instant personal connection between your company and its clients. It’s also so important to realize the impact that this first look at your business can have on customers, you definitely want to opt for professional portraits so you are putting your best foot forward right from the beginning!

A few weeks ago, a company that I am proud to be a customer of contacted me for just that reason. Elite Care was in the middle of designing a new brochure for the company and had attempted to take their headshots themselves. Now we all know we’ve done it… everyone has digital cameras and a blank wall and any corporate name badge can show you these tools in action. And for your name badge, that’s a perfect solution for your portrait needs, but for the face of your company? Elite Care quickly realized it wasn’t enough and I was honored they thought of me and with such a good-looking group to work with, my job was easy!

We took these portraits (with the exception of one) at Elite Care. I know it is often much easier for companies to have me come to them for portraits and we absolutely offer that service!

Next time you’re looking to add a little punch to your business card, personalize your website, office or publications think SJP!

This is also where Ryan and I do our Ideal Protein diet so I highly suggest you check out Elite Care!!! They are Awesome.

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