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So not long ago, I shared with you fellow photographers a marketing site I had stumbled upon called The Marketing Spot. Today, I wanted to take a second to recommend you all take a look at the marketing and photography business works of the talented Ms. Sarah Petty.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s for a few years now and love her straight forward business approach to photography because at the end of the day we all must be business-owners first, photographers/artists second, even though that often is exactly opposite of what we would all like. The fact is, if you don’t run your business like a BUSINESS, soon you won’t have one to run at all.

I was poking around her Joy of Marketing blog today and noticed her list of her favorite books. Instantly, of course, the thought of adding this to my site popped into my head and my first thought was ‘oh no, then my closet obsession with supernatural/witch/vampire/fantasy books will be reviled (AHHHH).

Those of you who know me know that you can rarely find a time when I am not currently reading at least one novel, and likely a couple magazines and of course blogs and such. I’m an avid reader and my list of favorite books would be a novel in itself! And yes, my guilty pleasure books would include quite a few vampire/witch/supernatural tales, there I admit it.

But, back to the point Sarah’s list is of her favorite marketing/business books! Much more helpful to running your business than my list of Twilight, Harry Potter and such. So, I plan to work my way through her list of 18 books and share some of my favorite bits here. I would also invite you all to do the same! Let’s do this together and learn a lot along the way! Pick a number, read that book and comment/post here to share your thoughts! No timeline, no deadline just some good old fashioned book group enlightenment and sharing. 🙂

You can find Sarah Petty’s Book list here!

I also highly suggest picking up a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine. And all you photographers MUST have a subscription to Pro Photog Mag. 

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PS, for the record, my favorite novel of all time is Pride and Prejudice (so I do love the classics).

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