| Kristine | Mt. Zion High School Senior Portraits | Central IL |

| Sarah Jane Photography | Central IL Senior Portrait Photographer | 

Oh my gosh have I told you lately how much I LOVE photographing seniors?! I cannot even begin to list all the reasons why… we have so much fun creating these unique portraits for every unique senior. Kristine gave me the chance to do something I’ve NEVER ever done before… photograph a piggy!!! Yup, that’s right Lady Porkchop herself! Check it out…Image

She was also game for anything, including getting a little off the beaten path… and soaked! 


Kristine’s boyfriend Ethan came along for the ride and was a huge help with retrieving a forgotten wardrobe piece to save the day!! So, of course, we had to get him included in a couple images as well. Would you believe this is just a little flower patch in the middle of a parking lot! 



Look at this girl workin’ it in the studio! Can I say how much I’m in love with our custom backdrop by the wonderfully talented Elizabeth VanHouton!



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