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Hey photographers and business owners! You all know how important it is to focus time on your business and not just the creation of your beautiful images. If you’re like me, you got into this industry not for your love of accounting, bookkeeping, tax law, marketing, and business but for your love of photography and creating beautiful and unique portraits for your clients. But reality quickly sets in and you realize that you have to spend the large majority of your time dedicated to the running of your business with only about 25% or less of your time being dedicated to the creation of your images (and boy do we LOVE that 25%!!). 

I’ve been asked many times in the last year how I’ve managed to grow my business from nothing to what it is today in only 2 years since our move to Central IL. While I have no secret formula I can tell you that the connections I’ve made with other local business owners and other professionals has been an integral part of me becoming connected to the area and growing my business. Joining local small business groups does take time. Often you are committing to a monthly meeting and may have membership dues as well. But, you are gaining so much more! 


Today, I specifically want to encourage all of you to check out the Central Illinois Ad Club. Organizations like this give you the opportunity to network and learn from professionals outside of your industry. While it is important to network within the industry there is so much more to learn from those outside the industry as well. Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with local printers (Wood Printing), graphic designers (Showcard Studios), publications (Thrive Entertainment Guide), and yes even other photographers (Alida Sullivan)… and so much more. 

Central Illinois photographers and business owners, this group is right in your backyard! If you want to actively grow your business, this is a great step in the right direction. 

The CIAD holds monthly luncheons which include a guest speaker invited to talk on a specific topic related to business, marketing, advertising and more. This month we are proud to welcome Jody Cox of An Affair to Remember to speak on building sponsorship packages for your next business event. Come see us Tuesday, July 10 at the Decatur Club from 11:30-1:00 to see how you can make this information work for your business! It’s time to get out from behind the camera/computer and grow that business! GO

Find more information here: www.centralillinoisadclub.org. 

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