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| We’re BACK Decatur! | 

Hey world! We’re BACK… After a beautiful wedding and amazing honeymoon in NYC Ryan and I are back in the real world. 🙂 I’ll be working on posting a blog post this week or next to tell you all about the honeymoon and show off some fun pictures as well but I wanted to check in first with a quick hello and thank you.

For me, it was truly refreshing to take a very rare vacation from EVERYTHING. Most of you know I am rarely disconnected from my clients and will answer emails, messages, even texts after hours and on weekends etc because I know your time is important and I always do my best to be reachable to answer your questions/concerns… However since the week before our wedding I purposefully made myself stay off my SJP Facebook page, avoided looking at emails and didn’t check voicemails. This was not to ignore you, but rather to give myself (and especially my new husband) the time to enjoy our wedding and honeymoon without all my SJP family of clients. He does a pretty good job of inviting our SJP family of clients into our home often after hours, and he even gets to know you as he watches me edit your sessions, retouch your beautiful faces, and design your albums in the evenings when we are hanging in front of the TV, so I figured this was a much needed break for him as well as for me.



It was hard to stay away (I love my work, and my clients) but was a cleansing and much-needed break. So first I want to thank you all for being patient. I tired to keep all informed of the reason for your lack of reply by leaving away messages and such so I hope those all went out in reply to your emails and such. Now that I am back in the office I appreciate you all being patient with me as I work to get through the stack of voicemails and even larger stack of emails over the next few days. If you’ve called or email do not worry I will be getting back to you but it may take me a few days to get through all these (I was gone for about 4 weeks in total and there are a LOT!), plus I get to spend the rest of the week also working on changing my name in the 100 places where I am ‘Sarah Gaughan’ and now become ‘Sarah Shorthose.’ Who knew there was that much work AFTER the wedding. 🙂

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and talking with you all very soon!

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