Central Illinois Photographer. Sarah Jane Photography. Studio Space.



Sarah Jane Photography, Ryan and I have come a LONG way in just a couple short years since our move to central Illinois! With some recent additions to our client space, including a 106 inch projector system so you can now experience your SJP portraits larger than life, we decided to take a few updated images. (Actually, more accurately, my husband insisted we take pictures and show off his awesome new setup – he’s quite proud of his handy work. As am I!)


But before we unveil the new digs, let’s take a look at where we were last year! (don’t judge the images lots of these were taken on my phone… I didn’t think about ever really needing them!)

This was our very first ‘studio’ area when we moved to Decatur. Has a very nice basement feel huh… and that’s because it was our basement! Cinderblock walls on 3 sides and nice wood paneling on the 4th plus a super steep stairwell to lead you down (after you made your way through our little kitchen. Image

Just a few short months after moving in, we had outgrown the basement studio space so I bumped it upstairs into our living room (my poor husband)


About that same time I shifted the client viewing space and our living room into what a ‘normal’ person would use as their dinning room. Talk about the personal experience, I could have made you dinner just 4 steps away! 


I LOVED our beautiful rental home. It was full of charm and character (or just ‘old’ and ‘busted’ as Ryan would describe it), but after a little over a year of business growth we had just completely outgrown the space. It gave us a wonderful start but we went on a little hunt to grow up and purchase our very first home. 

Blank canvas…Image





 And NOW…. we’re pretty proud of how far it’s come in just one year! Big thanks to the hub, who has built furniture, hung a total of 2 TVs and a projector and hidden about 100 ft of wires (in the walls, and under the floors!). 






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