This week at Sarah Jane Photography. Decatur, IL Photographer.


| Central IL Photographer | Custom Album Designs | Sarah Jane Photography |

Whoa, it’s a new week already and time for another blog post. New year’s resolutions one week at a time!!

So this week was all about album designs at Sarah Jane Photography (SJP). Albums are one of my absolute favorite items to create for my clients. When they fall in love with 20-50 images and want to take them all home a custom-designed album is the perfect solution. With everything from 12×12 to a mini 5×5, clients can make a statement in their home or their purse!

And at SJP albums aren’t cookie cutter. Here are just a few of the designs I’ve been working on this week. Alyssa | Senior 2013 W10x10_Chicago_AlyssaT_003 W10x10_Chicago_AlyssaT_008 Hawkins Family W12x12Chicago_Hawkins006 Ashley | Senior 2013 WAshley10x10STLCover Caitlin | Senior 2013 WCaitlin10x10Chicago_008 WCaitlin10x10Chicago_009 Emily | Senior 2013 8x8_STL_Emily_005 8x8_STL_Emily_004

Massey Family | Baby Cole



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