High School Senior Portraits. Decatur IL. Sarah Jane Photography.

Senior Portraits | What’s it all About? 

Okay, so I post and post and post all about my awesome seniors, how much I love photographing seniors, and features from each session, etc, etc…. But today I got to thinking about WHY senior portraits are a ‘thing.’ Why do we take them? Why did we start taking them? Are the really that important? (Well, my answer is YES YES YES!!)

First, I thought back to my senior portraits. At the time, it was about getting cool pictures of me, about feeling pretty and feeling like a model for a bit. And boy did I!?!?! I loved my senior session and ‘worked it’ so to speak. It was the first time I’d ever really been in front of the camera professionally and definitely the first time by myself and it was AWESOME and made me feel wonderful about myself.


And for right now, in this moment, that is what it’s about. There’s a LOT going on in your lives right now, seniors… school work, tests, grades, deciding what you’re going to do next year (college, work, trade school), last year of sports, band competitions, and so much more; IT’S SENIOR YEAR folks!

How about for 2 hours you get to just be YOU and be the absolute center of the universe. Professional hair and makeup, stellar lighting, fun locations, unique poses and YOU (maybe a friend and momma too, but it’s all about YOU).

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What about for the long run? In 2, 6, 10 years will you still have/love these portraits? YES! This is a pivotal time in your life before you embark out on your next journey and it’s a time that’s about who you are and who you’re going to be. Even as a photographer the next time I was professionally photographed after my senior portraits was for my engagement and then wedding portraits. And those weren’t about me, they were about US (and our two pups!). And the next portraits to come for us will all be family portraits, which is wonderful of course but the time for it to be all about me is past.

So we think senior portraits are VERY important and we know it’s more than just about the final product (though we LOVE those too) it’s about the Experience. So when you’re ready for the Senior Portrait Experience of a lifetime, give me a call! We can only take 100 seniors a year and we are well on our way to filling up already!!


Check out our new senior site at www.sjanephotography.com and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sjanephotog and give me a call 217.330.7012 today to start your senior session experience.

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