Sarah Jane Photography. Decatur IL. Customer Appreciation.

Just a Moment to Say THANK YOU! 

Can I just say I LOVE MY CLIENTS!!! Ok, I’m ‘having a moment’ as my mother would say but seriously THANK YOU to all my amazing clients who invite me to be a part of creating the permanent pieces from the big moments of your lives.


I got to spend a lot of time over the past month with my family just beginning to sort through the life of my amazing grandmother. You really get to find out what was most important to someone you love when you delve into every nook and cranny of their lives. And to give you an idea of what was most important to my grandmother…. In the one safe/lock box we found in her home we found; not money, not important documents, no jewels… no, we found photographs. Image

We also found them under the bed, stacked in the hallways, hung on every wall and set on every shelf. My grandma loved her family and she kept us all near with piles and piles of images. For me, the most important ones were those of my grandfather who I only know through those photographs since he passed when I was only two. Seeing the faded old images of him and his army buddies or holding my aunt for the first time when he came back from Korea … those are my favorite moments. 


As I sorted through the stacks and stacks of photos I started to think that someday someones grandchild will be sorting through their boxes and pull out a senior portrait of their grandma with a little ‘sarah jane’ stamped in the corner. Or they’ll be laughing over the dress style of their great grandparents in their wedding photos also with a little ‘sarah jane’ in the corner. Like seriously, how awesome is that?!?!?! 

Seniors, (even brides and grooms) I know you’re not thinking about your grandchildren or even great grandchildren enjoying your portraits but they WILL and I am humbled and honored to be a part of your family legacy. 


On a little side note: PRINT YOUR IMAGES. All of this also made me realize that most of my family portraits (besides the ones in our albums and on our walls) are digitally storred on my computer. Who do you think is really going to sort through my piles of harddrives when I go? God bless that person because that’s one heck of a job, haha. So in the next month my goal will be to PRINT one of every image I have of our family and from our wedding because I want to leave the beautiful legacy my grandmother did. 



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